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Whether your building a new

house, putting an addition on to a house, or remodeling it, give us a call. We will take care of your electrical needs from start to finish. Call today for a free quote!

Looking for a licensed electrician

that can do commercial projects?

Look no further. We are there for you, whatever it is. Our motto, "We

Conduit For You!" isn't just a play on words. We actually can do it for you!

Service Upgrades

If your electrical service is out of

date or you just want it replaced for peace of mind, give us a call.

We will come take a look at it, give you advice, explore various options, and give you a free, affordable quotation to bring it up to code!

Service Calls

Experiencing problems with your electric?

Here at Tri-County Electrical Systems we know

how inconvenient that can be. That's why we

want to be there for you. We will be with you

every second until we get the problem solved.

Our goal is to make you and your need a priority

and also, make you 100% satisfied!

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