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   Our new home was in need of electrical repair, and so the search began for a qualified electrician.  To start with we spoke to friends & their friends who were contractors, and even discussed my electrical needs with electricians at my work.
What we needed was a new service mast & 100 amp breaker box brought up to code. 

   What a journey, which led to many, many phone calls & estimates that were mind blowing.  Over half of the electricians we spoke with wanted to "sell" us on much more than we needed. I knew what we needed because of "my own research".  Of the 20(+) different electricians that gave me estimates, two were very low and under qualified.  The majority were extremely "high" and a few were right in the middle.  I spoke with my wife & we decided to call two more electricians for estimates; one of these electricians was Jim Miller with Tri-County Electrical Systems, LLC.


   Jim agreed to meet with us for an estimate, he was very polite and professional.  He answered all of our questions & even brought up some of his own.  He pointed out most of the things other electricians had; but only as suggestions or future options.


   As home owners we feel most people would want a contractor working for them who takes pride in their work, and maybe thinks outside the box.  This is how we feel about Jim Miller from Tri-County Electrical Systems, LLC.  During our on site estimate Jim made a comment about electricity that caused my wife and I to look at each other & smile.  Jim said "electricity breathes life into a home, and the fuse box is the heart beat of the house"!  At that moment my wife and I both knew we had found our electrician.


   For us Jim thought outside of the box.  He didn't just think about the job, or the profit, he 'linked' the electricity & home as a living part of our family.  For us that statement Jim made was especially touching; you see, Jim didn't know it until after the work was done, that my wife has a pacemaker that runs the electrical aspect of her heart. Finding a contractor like Jim from Tri-County Electrical Systems, LLC was a blessing for us and, by the way, Jim wasn't the lowest quote nor the highest, he was right in the middle; but believe me, he was more than worth every penny. We highly recommend Jim and Tri-County Electrical Systems, LLC!


Dan & Anna Cogar

Tallmadge, Ohio

Tri-County Electrical Systems is one of the best group of guys to work with their quick on what they do and will be glad to help with any problem or need you may have.

Review by Dyllan Shirley in Malvern, OH

Project: Electrical Panel upgrade

We are a manufactured and modular housing dealership and have had a working relationship with Tri-County Electrical Systems, LLC for over 20 years. The professional manner that they operate their

company with, and the personal character and integrity that is present in all aspects of their company is the reason we have, and 

will continue to do business with Tri-County Electrical Systems, LLC.

If you are seeking a company that pays attention to detail and does it right the first time, I would highly recommend Tri- County

Electrical Systems, LLC for any electrical needs you have.


Michael Gross

Site Manager

Midwest Manufactured Homes

Minerva, Ohio




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